Karin Riccardi

Art Talk

The images in my work come from the Sarasota area. I try to choose a subject to which I have a strong response, knowing that I will spend days exploring the nuances of the subject.

I make small studies with pastels in preparation for painting a series. I do this to learn the subject thoroughly- the color relationships, to study composition possibilities, and to determine the effects of the light on the subject. In the course of preparing the studies, I decide what I way to say about the subject, such as purple storm clouds moving across turquoise water. I will continue the pastel studies daily while painting the series. This keeps my eye fresh.

Next plein air oil paintings are painted on canvas. Oil paint gives new dimension to the subject. Brush strokes, juicy and energetic. While painting, I am thinking about composition, color relationships and the surface of the canvas.

My introduction to art came from an uncle who was a student of Hans Hoffman and an art teacher at a local university. He taught me color relationships and composition. I studied art in undergraduate and graduate school and have continued to study throughout my career